Internationa Number, Virtual Number, DID

York Telecom. can provide it’s client with an International Number to use as a primary or secondary number for home or office use.

Get a phone number from a major city of choice in your country. Use it at home, in the office, or wherever you go via mobile. Receive unlimited incoming calls on your virtual phone number. You only pay one low monthly rate and no per minute billing! It usually cheaper up to %95 than calling a long distance number, more convenient for your client or family, friends, etc.

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International / Virtual Number advantages:

As a business having a local number in more than one city or another country is a great way to allow customers to reach you wherever you are, and allows you to take care of all calls from one convenient location even your cellphone.

As a consumer having an international number let your friends or family call you directly like they are calling locally without paying any charges for long distance, after all they only call a locall number.

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How International / Virtual Number works:

International Numbers allow you to have a Phone Number in another City or Country, when anyone dial this number their call will be redirect to your local number here ( can be land Line or cell Phone )You can also have this Number as a complete separate Phone Line, in this case you will be able to pick up your phone and call any number in that City/Country as you calling a local number.

Its like a local number forwarded to your phone or cell phone only from different city or country without the huge long distance charge.