Voip Switch or SoftSwitch

A VoIP Switch or Softswitch short for software switch, is a central device in a telecommunications network that can connects phone calls from one phone line to another phone line, it can be across a telecommunication network or the public Internet, entirely by means of software running on a general-purpose computer system. Most landline calls are routed by hardware digital switch however, VoIP Switches ( soft switches ) using general purpose servers ( server with a software to do telephone switching ) and VoIP technology are becoming more popular.

Though in term VoIP Switch or soft switch applied to a device that handles IP-to-IP phone calls, and the phrase access server or “media gateway” is used to refer to devices that either originate or terminate traditional “land line” (hard wired) phone calls. In practice, VoIP Switch can often do both.

A VoIP Switch is typically used to control connections at the junction point between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks. A single device containing both the switching logic and the switched fabric can be used for this purpose; however, modern technology has led to a preference for decomposing this device into a Call Agent and a Media Gateway.